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PENNYSAVER CELEBRATES 50 years (1962-2012)

PennySaver, now, is one of the Largest Shopping Publications in the World, delivered via the United States Postal Service. PennySaver/ has been a household name in California for more than 50 years.

Delivered to Over 9 Million Households

Every week, is delivered by the USPS to more than 9 million households in California. This 100% direct mail approach means your message will reach your potential customers� home, guaranteed, at no cost to the reader. Because breaks this circulation down, into Community editions of approx.12,000 homes each, Advertisers have the flexibility to use our powerful targeting capability to reach individual neighborhoods covering a small area or the whole state. offers Multiple Products for Advertising Flexibility

Providing a variety of products for both Print and Online advertising, gives business owners the flexibility to shape their advertising campaigns to reach the targeted audiences they desire. Each product touches segments of the marketplace differently. Combinations of products let advertisers create unique programs that fit their budgets, while producing desired results.


*Classified and In-column Ads
*Display Ads
*Print and Delivered Flyers
*Heat set and process color Flyers
* Pre-printed Insert Distribution (FSI)
*Powersites - Website Design
* Specialty products and coupon pieces

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Flyers, Search Engine Marketing Google, Heatset Inserts, Classified Ads, Display Ads, Website Design, SEO